Emo's Rad Halloween Party 2015

In anticipation for the release of the Fallout 4 video game,
I was inspired to host an amazing Halloween party with some friends.
Guests were given bonuses based on their costumes, and then the fun
began. Quests were made available to earn XP points, and even buffs
were available for purchase using bottlecaps.
You will find below the materials and rules I used to host this party.
I hope it inspires you to do the same with your own adventures.

I have made available for download all the
quests and documents I used in the gaming system.
Just check out the Download icon below.
Note that I used OpenOffice, a free and open-sourced
productivity suite, to create the cards and whatnot.

*Fallout 4*
For more about the Fallout 4 video game, see the Wiki for more info:

Fun and Games Rules
Fun and Games Rules
RobCo Terminal
RobCo Terminal Minigame
Download Quests & Documents!
Crash Bearings
The Crash Bearings Page!