Emo's Rad Halloween Party 2015

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# Game Model Revision 2015-10-22:

* Quests
- Quests are provided from the host and quest-givers who have been 
handed a quest card.
- Successfully completed quests yield Experience Points [XP]
- Caps and XP cards are handed out for successful quest completion.
- XP is awarded for quests as: Easy=10, Medium=20, Hard=40
- XP is added up as guests leave.
- XP doesn't matter - nobody loses!!! :)

* Economy
- Bottlecaps (1c) are the currency in the virtual economy.
- Star bottlecaps are worth 50c (Heineken, Nut Brown Ale)
- As guests enter, they are issued 20c to play the game.
- There's a random chance they will have a Star cap.
- Guests are free to bring along any bottlecaps with them.
- Caps buy specialty items, which imbue a player with Buffs.
- Caps are given to players who complete quests.

* Buffs
- Buffs provide an enhancement to an attribute or skill (ex. Intelligence).
- When guests arrive in costume, they are granted Buffs depending on 
what they have (ex. business suit grants [+Speech]).
- Specialty items are purchased from the host/merchant, which 
immediately imbue a Buff to the player.
- The player doesn't necessarily need to imbibe/drink/eat the item 
(the party-goer is more than welcome to give it to someone if they're 
not in the mood to drink, for example).
- Printed markers/signs containing the Buff are pinned to the player's 
clothing for all to see.
- The Buff lasts all night, with the exception of rented items.
- Buffs from the same source do not stack.  For example, if you drink 
two shots of whiskey, it only the first shot counts.
- Returned rented items also return their Buffs.

# Activities:

* TE' Training Missions, 10XP
- Instructor takes a player through one of the mini-games only once 
for each type:
  - QET Hacking minigame
  - QEF Fighting minigame
  - QEX Explosives minigame
- This is an easy way for the guests to get oriented to the game and 
earn some Easy XP.

* Q'T Hacking a terminal [IN, Science]
- web server with hacking mini-game page
- main menu requests Quest Code (ex. QMT-3)
- results of hack provides confirmation code
- quest giver authenticates code
- Difficulty defines word lengths: easy=4, medium=6, hard=8

* Q'F Fighting [AP, Armor]
- throw velcro balls at a velcro dart-board
- player's opponent is a velcro target on a cut-out opponent
- opponent requires a minimum number of points to defeat
- required points based on quest and difficulty
- player granted a starting base of throws (ex. 2 balls)
- each [AP, CH] Buff grants an additional throw
- if target still lives, it scores one Injury on player
- player [Armor] negates one Injury per armor Buff
- 3 Injuries past Armor repels player (failing the quest)
- cycle starts over until win/loss

* Q'X Explosives / Disarm Trap [PE, Explosives]
- a box is provided with a red light on top, (indicating it is armed)
and 3 switches (one or all of which must be flipped to disable the
- depending on difficulty, 1 (Easy) to 3 (Hard) switches must be 
Flipped to turn off the red light (disarming it)
- the player is granted one Flip and is granted an additional one per 
- the player then used his/her Flips on the switch(es) of choice
- if the red light is still on, the attempt has failed (BOOM) (and the
Player suffers one Injury in the case of a Long quest)
- note that 3 Injuries (past Armor) causes Long quests to fail!

* Q'S Searching / Scavenging
- you've been asked to scavage for something or find something specific
- look around the house for quest items or clues
- bedrooms and bathrooms are off-limits
- items are in plain sight with no need to open boxes/drawers

* Q'L Long Quest
- you're on a mission that may be complex and dangerous
- involves a chain of mini-quests (ex. Q'F Fighting, Q'X Explosives)
- complete the quest and return with the results

* Social Quest [CH, Speech]
- Designed as a mixer for folks to mingle
- Social Quest cards are paired, one for the Arbiter and one for
the Player
- Arbiter/Player halves are separated as guests arrive
- Each guest is handed an Arbiter half
- The Player half goes into a bowl
- Guests randomly draw a Player card when they want a quest
- Player must locate their corresponding Arbiter card, which
will have a matching Scenario number (ex. Scn-52)
- Player attempts to engage influence as described on their card
- Arbiter decides if the Player was convincing or not
- XP objectively awarded to Player if the Arbiter was convinced